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We invented Kinetic Brand Experiences
to create powerful engagement at your events.

Classic experiential

has become predictable.

Are your experiential events falling flat?
Failing to leave a lasting impression?
Pavegen's stickman artwork.
Break free from the chains of conventional advertising
and step into a new era with Kinetic Brand Experiences.


kinetic brand experiences

The all-in-one engagement tool that excites, educates,
and enables audiences to connect with your brand. 
Pavegen Google Pixel Activation
How we helped Google illuminate the pixel
Pavegen with Bank of the West
How we helped Bank of the West power real change
Pavegen and Kia kinetic gameplay
How we helped KIA make their move

how it works

Pavegen harnesses the kinetic energy from
footfall to capture attention like never before.  
Pavegen single player gamified build render.

you're in safe hands!

We work with the world's largest brands
250+ Installations 37 Countries
Pavegen's Client Scroll

generate global headlines

Say goodbye to hefty PR spend! 
Pavegen in the News
Win industry awards! 
Pavegen's awards

let's get started!

Let's bring your event to life
Pavegen's 3 step process: Story, Build, Software

bring your next event to life

with pavegen

Let's take the next step together!